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Welcome to St. Xavier's - the leading educational institution in Goa.

Our Vision Statement : Formation for Transformation

Our Mission Statement : To provide balanced all round education, with the goal of forming young men and women who will be disciplined citizens and will display a high intellectual caliber as well as emotional balance and social commitment, and particularly, at helping Catholic youth to be committed followers of Christ.

Thousands of students have passed through the portals of this institution during the last 50 years and they recall with nostalgia the days spent in this college, and the salutary impact it had on their lives. Mediocrity abounds everywhere, especially when quality is not monitored. St. Xavier's has been always in the forefront in providing quality education, leading to synthesis of the head, heart and spirit. This contribution of Xavier's has been recognized at All India level and UGC awarded St. Xavier's College the status of “College with Potential for Excellence". The Archdiocese of Goa & Daman took the initiative to establish this College soon after the liberation of Goa, in order to provide facilities to youngsters, who would like to grow and progress in a congenial environment and blossom into mature persons. The College has initiated several programmes hand-in-hand with the academic curriculum, in order to provide wholesome educational diet to students. There are various cells, associations, linkages, centres, etc. with a variety of activities for the overall development of the student. The Standing Committee of National Assessment and Accreditation Council, (NAAC), Bangalore, has declared the results of the Institutions accredited by NAAC. The college has been awarded Grade “A” with CGPA 3.36 on a scale ranging from 0-4.

Among the 20 institutions all over the country which had applied for accreditation, 3rd Cycle, St. Xavier’s College has secured 5th position. The NAAC Peer Team visited St. Xavier’s College on 6th - 8th March, 2014, to validate its Self-Study Report. The team comprised of Dr. Hemixa Rao (Chairperson), Dr. S.V. Sudheer (Member Co-ordinator) and Dr. Tawnenga (Member).

Xavier's News
  • St. Xavier's winners at Phoenix 2015 (S.V.Sridora Caculo College, Mapusa)
  • BCA students winners at Technogyaan 2015 (Dhemphe College, Panjim)
  • Mass. Comm/Journalism students Runners-up at Media Manthan 2015(St. Aloysius,Mangalore)
  • St. Xavier's  College  awarded   "Best  College in Sports" by  Geno Pharmaceuticals  and  Sports Journalists  Association of  Goa
  •  St. Xavier's Men Basketball team win Indian College Basketball Goa League
  • Goa University(2014-15)-Winners:Table Tennis(Women), Judo(Women)Swimming(Women), Football(Women), Table Tennis(Men); Runners-up : Men(kho-kho)
  • Social 2014-15 : Flobert, Shivani crowned Mr. Xavier , Ms. Xavier 2014-15

Mr. Monteiro Flobert Thomas Joseph

Ms. Bhogate Shivani Anirudha
Goa University Rankers

  • Ms. Jacques Eden
    Rank 1(B.Com.)

  • Ms. Apte Shruti
    Rank 2(B.Sc.)

  • Mr. Shettigar Sheshgiri
    Rank 3(B.Sc.)

  • Mr. Mhaldar Shshak
    Rank 4(B.Sc.)

  • Mr. Varak Rajat
    Rank 5(B.Com.)

  • Ms. Antao Delilah
    Rank 5(B.A.)

  • Ms. Dabholkar Chaitali
    Rank 6(B.Sc.)

  • Ms. Rane Sanchita
    Rank 7(B.Sc.)

  • Ms. Fernandes Valencia
    Rank 7(B.Com.)

  • Ms. Coutinho Steffi
    Rank 9(B.Com.)

  • Mr. Gawkhare Mahesh
    Rank 9(B.Sc.)

  • Ms. Pinto Divya
    Rank 9(B.A.)

  • Ms. Khan Iram
    Rank 10(B.A.)

  • Ms. De Souza Aileen
    Rank 10(B.A.)

  • Mr. Gaonkar Sandesh
    Rank 10(B.Sc.)

  • Ms. Alphonso Swizel
    Rank 10(B.Com.)