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Colleges and Universities are not only seats of learning but also promoters of cultural, social, moral and spiritual values of the country so as to enable the students to acquire a good character and a balanced personality. Hence St. Xavier’s proudly proclaims that it will always uphold and teach the following creed:


We believe in God.


We believe in human dignity and humanity.


We believe in the spirit of discipline and dignity of human work.


We believe that men and women are born with equal rights which do not come from the State.


We believe in the sanctity of the Family - the basic unit of society.


We believe that the citizens have not only rights but also have duties.


We believe that the Labour and Capital have not only rights but obligations, and in the fulfillment of their obligations, they will complement each other.


We are opposed to all kinds of violations of individual liberty and private property.


We believe that liberty is a sacred thing and the law which regulates liberty, is a sacred obligation.


We believe that academic freedom should not be used as a pretext to teach systems that destroy all freedom.


We are vigorously opposed to the tenets and tactics of those who want to destroy the essential liberties guaranteed by the Indian Constitution.


We are vigorously opposed to all forms of racism, gender discrimination, communal hatred and anarchism.


We believe in the teachings of Christ. We hold that morality must regulate the personal, familial, economic, political and international life of humanity.


Our Achievers

Sawant Rajeshwari

Represented India at the BRICS Summit Russia

Antao Netwin

Represented Goa at  Republic Day NSS camp January 2016

Shinde Riha

Represented Goa at  Republic Day NSS camp January 2016

Lakshmanan G.

Mr. Xavier 2016-17

Rochelle Anne Fernandes

Ms. Xavier 2016-17
Goa University Rankers (April 2016)

  • Mandrekar Sonal Prakash
    Rank 2(B.Sc)

  • D'Souza Clea Theodora
    Rank 3(B.A.)

  • Raikar Shruti Dayanand
    Rank 4(B.Sc.)

  • Verlekar Mamata Deepak
    Rank 6(B.A.)

  • Noronha Jessica Sena
    Rank 6(B.Com)

  • Mandrekar Prajyot Prakash
    Rank 8(B.Com)

  • Shetye Prasad Nilkanth
    Rank 8(B.Sc)

  • Shaikh Sajid Shakil
    Rank 10(B.Sc)

  • D'Costa Melissa Pia
    Rank 10(B.Sc)