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Prioritized Research Areas


Dr. Annie C. Fernandes   (Department of  Sociology)
Expertise : Gerontology – Middle Age Women.


Dr. Maria Claudette Gomes  (Department of  English)
Expertise : Post Modern Writing, Australian Literature


Dr. Prema A. Rocha  (Department of  English)
Expertise : Diasporic Writing, Modern/ Post Modern Fiction, Indian Writing in English.


Dr. Cajetan F. Raposo  (Department of  Political Science)
Expertise : Communidade, Politics


Dr. Ubaldina Noronha  (Department of  Psychology)
Expertise : Gerontology – Old people


Dr. Janet Fernandes e De Souza  (Department of  Psychology)
Expertise : Psychology Counseling


Dr. Blanche R. C. S. Mascarenhas  (Department of  Economics)
Expertise : Trade Unions, Labour Economics


Dr. Vrunda M. Kelkar  (Department of  Marathi)
Expertise : Characterization of Women, Short Stories, Novels.


Dr. Ramita P. Gurav  (Department of  Hindi)
Expertise : Contemporary Hindi Theatre


Dr. Lawrence M. Bosco John  (Department of  Physics)
Expertise : Soft condensed matter, Neutron Scattering, Thermal Analysis


Dr. Balakrishnan C. Nair  (Department of  Mathematics)
Expertise : Econometric Analysis, Statistical analysis.


Dr. Tushar S. Anvekar  (Department of  Chemistry)
Expertise : Solid State Chemistry, Super conductors


Dr. Teotone I. M. Vaz  (Department of  Chemistry)
Expertise : Solid State Chemistry, Catalysis, Transition Metal oxides


Dr. Vinod Mandrekar  (Department of  Chemistry)
Expertise : Nuclear tracks, Nuclear reactions, Polymer, Catalysis and Natural Products


Dr. Maria R. Fonseca  (Department of  Botany)
Expertise : Taxonomy of Plants & Endemic species


Dr. Harshala Gad  (Department of  Botany)
Expertise : Taxonomy of Plants & Endemic Species


Dr. Maria Emilia Mascarenhas  (Department of  Botany)
Expertise : Taxonomy of Plants & Endemism


Mr. Conceicao C. De Souza  (Department of  Botany)
Expertise : Cultivation of Plants


Ms. Wendy F. Martins  (Department of  Botany)
Expertise : Cultivation of Plants


Ms. Sabina M. Sales e Dias   (Department of  Botany)
Expertise : Poisonous Plants


Dr. Filipe Rodrigues e Melo  (Department of  Commerce)
Expertise : Management and Tourism


Dr. Oscar Braganza e Melo  (Department of  Commerce)
Expertise : Cost Accounting.


Dr. Yasmin P. Shaikh  (Department of  Commerce)
Expertise : Management Studies


Dr. Dadapir Jakati  (Department of  Geography)
Expertise : Marketing, Fisheries Resources

Our Achievers

Sawant Rajeshwari

Represented India at the BRICS Summit Russia

Antao Netwin

Represented Goa at  Republic Day NSS camp January 2016

Shinde Riha

Represented Goa at  Republic Day NSS camp January 2016

Lakshmanan G.

Mr. Xavier 2016-17

Rochelle Anne Fernandes

Ms. Xavier 2016-17
Goa University Rankers (April 2016)

  • Mandrekar Sonal Prakash
    Rank 2(B.Sc)

  • D'Souza Clea Theodora
    Rank 3(B.A.)

  • Raikar Shruti Dayanand
    Rank 4(B.Sc.)

  • Verlekar Mamata Deepak
    Rank 6(B.A.)

  • Noronha Jessica Sena
    Rank 6(B.Com)

  • Mandrekar Prajyot Prakash
    Rank 8(B.Com)

  • Shetye Prasad Nilkanth
    Rank 8(B.Sc)

  • Shaikh Sajid Shakil
    Rank 10(B.Sc)

  • D'Costa Melissa Pia
    Rank 10(B.Sc)