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The instructional scheme for B.C.A. is based on a system of integrated units called courses. Each course means one paper. Each Semester shall have four Theory courses and two Laboratory courses except Semester VI which shall have four theory courses and  Project work.


There shall be one Elective course in each of the Semester V and Semester VI. Courses offered as electives shall be only from the Commerce and Management disciplines.


Semester I and II shall include an additional course on Environmental Studies.

Semester I

BCA 101 Problem Solving and Programming Concepts

BCA 102 Computer Organization and Architecture

BCA 103 Business Accounting

BCA 104 Basic Mathematics

BCA 105 Problem Solving and Programming Laboratory

BCA 106 IT Tools Laboratory

BCA 107 Environmental Studies


Semester II

BCA 201 Data Structures

BCA 202 Operating System Concepts

BCA 203 Cost Accounting

BCA 204 Discrete Mathematics

BCA 205 Data Structures Laboratory

BCA 206 Operating System Laboratory

BCA 207 Environmental Studies


Semester III

BCA 301 Object Oriented Concepts

BCA 302 Database Management

BCA 303 Management Accounting

BCA 304 Introduction to Economics

BCA 305 Object Oriented Programming Laboratory

BCA 306 Database Management System Laboratory


Semester IV

BCA 401 Software Engineering

BCA 402 Computer Networks

BCA 403 Management Functions

BCA 404 Data Analysis & Statistical Analysis

BCA 405 Graphical Interface Design Laboratory

BCA 406 Data Analysis and E- Accounting Laboratory


Semester V

BCA 51 Software Engineering-II

BCA 52 Web Technology

BCA 53 IT Project Management

BCA 54 Elective - I

BCA 55 CASE Tools Laboratory

BCA 56 Web Technology Laboratory


Semester VI

BCA 61 E-Commerce Applications

BCA 62 Information Systems Audit

BCA 63 ERP Systems

BCA 64 Elective - II

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