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List of Journals

Aalochana                                                             (HINDI)                                      

Academic Studies National Journal of Jyoti Research Academy               

ACCST Research Journal                                                                                                          

Advances in Management                                                                             ( M.Com.)*    

Ageing & Society: The Indian Journal of Gerontology                                                     

Amar Konkani                                                     (KONKANI)                                          

Annals of Forestry: An International Journal of Forest Science                       

Annals of Library and Information Studies                                                       

Antarnaad                                                           (MARATHI)                         

Applied Science Periodical                                                                                     

Asian Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology & Environmental Studies   

Asian Journal of Water, Environment & Pollution                                 

Behavioural Scientist                                                                                    (PG Psychology)*

Bhasha Aani Jeevan                                            (MARATHI)                                                

Bulletin of Material Sciences                                                                                         

Case Folio:   (The ICFAI Journal of Management Case Studies)                  (PG Psychology)*

Charted Accountant, The                                                                                                    

Charted Financial Analyst                                                                                             

Charted Secretary: The Journal for Corporate Professional

Contribution to Indian Sociology                                                                            

Current Science                                                                                                                     

Dharma Deepika: A South Asian Journal of Missiological Research

Dialogue: A Journal Devoted to Literary Appreciation                               

Disabilities and Imparments                                                                       (PG Psychology)*

Documentation on Womens Concerns                                                            

Economic and Political Weekly                                                                                 

Effective Executive                                                                                                               

Hans                                                                     (HINDI)                                                        

Harvard Business Review                                                                           (BBA)*     

HRM Review                                                                                               (PG Psychology)*

ICFAI Indian Journal of Applied Finance                                                                 

ICFAI Journal Of Health care Law, The                                                                   

ICFAI Journal Of Management Research, The                                           (BBA)*    

India Journal of Chemistry - Section "A"                                                             

India Journal of Chemistry - Section "B"                                                              

Indian Forester, The                                                                                                                

Indian Historical Review                                                                                      

Indian Journal of Accounting  

Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics                                                             

Indian Journal of Biotechnology                                                                                          

Indian Journal of Biochemistry and Biophysics                                           

Indian Journal of Commerce, The                                                                                

Indian Journal of Environmental Protection              

Indian Journal of Experimental Biology                                                             

Indian Journal of Finance                                                                                             

Indian Journal of Forestry                                                                                              

Indian Journal of Gerontology                                                                                           

Indian Journal of Marketing                                                                                         

Indian Journal of Psychometry and Education                                        (PG Psychology)*  

Indian Journal of Radio & Space Physics                                                                                 

Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge                                                          

Indian Literature                                                                                                                


Integral Liberation                                                                                                         

International Journal of Nanosystems                                                           

Ityaadi                                                                (MARATHI)                                             

IUP Journal of Applied Finance, The

IUP Journal of Life Sciences, The

IUP Journal of Organisational Behaviour, The                                   (UG & PG* Psychology)

Journal of  Projective Psychology & Mental Health                               (PG Psychology)* 

Journal of Accounting & Finance                                                                            

Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy                                                          

Journal of Biosciences                                                                                               

Journal of Business Management                                                           (M.Com.)*

Journal of Chemical Education                                                  

Journal of Chemical Sciences

Journal of Cytology and Genetics, The                                                                 

Journal of Dharma                                                                                                          

Journal of Earth System Sciences

Journal of Economic and Taxonomic Botany of India                                

Journal of Entrepreneurship, The

Journal of Environmental Biology                                                                           

Journal of Financial Managemet and Analysis                                             

Journal of Food Science and Technology                                                          

Journal of Genetics                                                                                                          

Journal of Indian Health Psychology                                                                

Journal of Indian Writing in English, The                                                            

Journal of Intellectual Property Rights                                                             

Journal of International Business Finance                                                (M.Com.)*

Journal of Library and Information Technology                                             

Journal of Management Outlook                                                              (M.Com.)*

Journal of Mycology and Plant Pathology                                                                              

Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research                                              

Journal of The Indian Academy of Applied Psychology, The                    

Journal of Tourism                                                                                    (BTTM)*  

Kathakram                                                          (HINDI)                                    

Lab Experiments                                                                                                                

Lalit                                                                     (MARATHI)                                             

Loyola Journal of Social Science                                                                                

Management Accountant, The                                                                                     

Mans Sana Monographs                                                                         (PG Psychology)*

Mathematics Education, The                                                                                         

Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Abstracts                                                              

Milun Sayajani                                                                                                                        

Monthly Commentary on Indian Economic Conditions                               

Monthly public Opinion Surveys                                                                                  

National Geographic                                                                                                               

New Frontiers in Education                                                                                             

Perspectives in Social Work                                                                                         

Pollution Research

Praachi:  Journal of Psycho-Cultural Dimensions                                   (PG Psychology)*

Prabandhan: Indian Journal Of Management                                         (BBA)*           

Pramana: Journal of Physics                                                                                         

Proceedings - Chemical Sciences                                                                             

Proceedings - Earth and Planetary Science                                                       

Proceedings - Mathematical Sciences                                                                  

Psycho Lingua                                                                                        (PG Psychology)*

Psychological Studies                                                                       (UG & PG Psychology)*

Quaterly Economic Report                                                                                            

Quest, The

Resonance : Journal of Science Education                                                           

Sadhana: Academy Proceedings in Engineering Science                            

Samakaleen Bharatiya Sahitya                         (HINDI)                                     

Sameeksha                                                        (HINDI)                                                   

Shabdolaya                                                        (MARATHI)                  

Shoodh Manthan                                               (MARATHI)                                   

Sociological Bulletin: Journal of the Indian Sociological Society       

South Asian Journal of Socio-Political Studies                                                                      

Southern Economist                                                                                                             

Studies in Church Law                                                                                                      

Tadbhav                                                            (HINDI)                                                 

TERI Information Digest on Energy and Environment (TIDEE)                   

Third Concept                                                                                                                         

University News                                                                                              

Vaghart                                                             (HINDI)                                   

Vikalpa: The Journal for Decision Makers                                                             

Vikasini: The Journal of Women's Empowerment                                            

Wall Street Finance Journal                                                                  (M. Com.)*   

World Affairs: The Journal of International Issues                                           

(           )*       Located in  Departments               

Mr. Keshav Dhuri