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1). New students desiring to be members of the Library will have to apply for membership in prescribed form available in the library at the Book Issue Section counter.


2). Library Cards :


a. Library Card can be purchased from the office on payment of Rs. 30/-.


b. Library will issue three cards to members -

Two Library cards for books for home reference for 4 days from Main Library and One Departmental Library Card for book issued from Department Library.


c. Only one book will be issued per card.


d. Library Cards are not transferable.


e. Students who are already members (regular students) of the Library will have to pay College fees and produce fee receipt at the BOOK Issue Section counter to get membership renewed.


f. Regular Students will have to renew Library Cards at the beginning of the academic year. Library cards not renewed will not be valid and books will not be issued to these students.


g. An amount of Rs. 70/- will be refunded from the Library deposit at the time of leaving the College on surrendering Library cards (Rs. 30/- will be deducted towards service charges). Refund of Library deposit will be done till August every year.


h. Students can avail books only up to the valid period of the Library Card. Books for next or previous class will not be issued on current Library Card.

Mr. Keshav Dhuri