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The College Library has a very valuable treasure of textbooks, reference books, encyclopedias, and dictionaries, journals (national, international and peer review) magazines and newsletters etc. The noteworthy collection is in the various subjects that are offered in the Curriculum.


It has a spacious Hall for the readers to make the best use of the matter that is available and keeping with the role of an information center the facility of “Open Access System” has been introduced whereby the readers have direct access to the cupboards and do the necessary reference. It is open for nine hours from 8.30 am with the closing time as 5.30 p.m. The library provides internet and photocopying facility. It has also computerized its transactions.


The ground floor of the library has the Book Issue Section, Periodicals Section, Reading/Reference Section and E-Library Section. The basement has Book Stacks and Journal Section, Reprography Section, Technical Section, store rooms and staff utility room.


At the beginning of the academic year, an orientation session is conducted for the new students to acquaint them with the functioning of the library. Textbooks are provided to meritorious students under the Book Bank (Ruby Jubilee) scheme and book exhibitions are held twice a year in the Library by book distributors and publishers.

* Library is open on all working days from 8:30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.


* Library Books are classified according to Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC).


* Library users are provided open access to books.


* The purpose of the Library is to inculcate reading habit and self study.


* Besides books from Main Library, students can also take books from Departmental Library.


* Library Services: Book Bank Books, Reference, Lending, Reprography, E-Library, Night Reference.


* Students may contact the Library Staff or the Librarian for assistance.

Total Collection           :  58680

Bound Journals              : < 1000



Journals                       :     129

Magazines                    :       48

Local Newspapers         : English – 03        Konkani – 01        Marathi - 01 

National Newspapers     : English – 04        Hindi – 02            Marathi - 01


Internet/Intranet/OPAC Facility :

Computers for Students                    : 12

Computers for Staff                          : 12

Computers for Library operations        : 04


All computers in the Library are connected to on-line UPS and have internet/intranet/OPAC access.

Mr. Keshav Dhuri