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Library-General Rules

Strict silence and discipline is to be maintained in the Library.

During Library hours, discussions, explanations, lectures, coaching to students, etc., will not be allowed. Smoking and use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the Library.

Students found guilty of misbehavior may be refused the use of Library facilities.

Library is not responsible for loss of Cash and Valuables. Students are advised not to keep cash or valuables in their bags when present in the Library.

Every student must have a valid Identity Card issued by the College and duly signed by the Principal. Students without Identity Card will not be allowed to enter the Library. Students must present their Identity card whenever they are asked to do so by the Library Staff.

All Students are required to read the Library Notice Board for Notices and Rules or any changes made from time to time.

Students are also required to co-operate with the Library staff for the smooth running of the Library.

Mr. Keshav Dhuri