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M.A. Psychology


The student can opt for Clinical Psychology or Human Resource Management or Counseling Psychology as their specialization. The selection list will be finalized and displayed on the basis of students option and of merit. The course is self-financing and the fees should be paid before the finalization of admission. The intra semester assessment will be equivalent to 50 marks and the semester end assessment will be equivalent to 50 marks.


Semester I

PL.C.01. Psychology: Historical Perspectives

PL.C.02. Cognitive Processes

PL.O.01. Organizational Behavior (HRM)

PL.O.02. Human Resource Management (HRM)

PL.O.07. Psychopathology (CP)

PL.O.08. Health Psychology (CP)

PL.O.13. The Counseling Process (CO)

PL.O.14. Counseling Children, Adolescents and Families (CO)


Semester II

PL.C.03. Research Methodology

PL.C.04. Psychological Statistics

PL.O.03. Human Resource Development (HRM)

PL.O.04. Organizational Development (HRM)

PL.O.09. Foundations of Clinical Psychology (CP)

PL.O.10. Counseling in Schools (CP)

PL.O.15. Counseling Couples (CO)

PL.O.16. Counseling Specific Populations (CO)


Semester III

PL.C.05. Practicum (General Psychology)

PL.C.06. Principles of Psychological Measurement

PL.O.05. Psychology of Stress (HRM)

PL.O.11. Psychotherapy (CP)

PL.O.17. Ethics in Counseling (CO)

Semester IV

PL.C.07. Cross Cultural Psychology

PL.C.08. Environmental Psychology

PL.O.06. Practicum in H.R.M. (HRM)

PL.O.12. Clinical Psychology Practicum (CP)

PL.O.18. Counseling Psychology Practicum (CO)

Dissertation equivalent of two optional papers is compulsory


C = Compulsory

O = Optional

CP = Clinical Psychology

CO = Counseling Psychology

HRM = Human Resource Management


On-the-Job Training:

At the end of Semester II & IV each student is required to do an internship programme of one month duration at various NGOs, organizations, schools, etc.