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Principal Message - From Bastora to Mapusa Hillock

It is, indeed, a matter of great jubilation to note that our institution is entering into the 50th year of its existence. All efforts will be geared to celebrate the Golden Jubilee, first and foremost, to thank God for his abundant blessings in guiding the institution, in general, and the staff and students along with the management and those at the helm of affairs, in particular. during this span of time. For “If the Lord does not build the house, in vain do its builders labour.”


Founded by the Archdiocese of Goa in June 1963, St. Xavier’s started functioning in the premises of the Franselian Institution at Bastora from where it was subsequently shifted to Mapusa hillock in 1968, where we have been working till date.


Though, initially, it conducted Arts and Science Streams, in due course of time Commerce Stream and other programmes in Management, Computer Education as well as Post - Graduate Courses were added. Today, St. Xavier's is a multi - faculty college drawing students from across the state and even from other parts of the country as well as from Asia and Africa.


As the celebration of the Golden Jubilee takes off in this new academic year 2012-2013, every one of us must feel privileged and honoured enough to be a part of the great event, in particular, the freshers. I extend a warm welcome to the new comers as well as seniors with a hope that the Jubilee year will usher in new vistas for all the stakeholders to grow and glow.


In this 21st century, the education scenario is changing by leaps and bounds. Experimentation seems to dominate the zone of the education leading to uniformisation and internalisation of the educational system. The situation is such that true education has taken a back seat under the guise of globalisation and liberalisation. The ills of education seem to outweigh the good of education with the decline in the standards of the entire system of education.


The present times, marked by a chaotic situation, cut - throat competition and insensitivity towards others, demand rethinking on how best education can contribute for a peaceful coexistence of all.


No one can deny the pivotal role education has to play in this century to bring about the much desired catharsis of our society plagued by violence, hatred, anger, frustration, lawlessness and uncaring feeling for others.


Elaborating on the meaning of “Universitas” (University), Pope Benedict XVI defined it as “The experience of professors and students who together seek the truth in the field of knowledge.” Further, quoting Alfonso X the wise, he upheld that University is a “Counsel of masters and students with the will and understanding needed to master the various disciplines.”


Regrettably, today, there is a paradigm shift in the whole process of education. What was once upon a time considered as a vocation or a mission, today the entire focus is to meet the demand of labour in the market, without giving due attention to the character and spirit formation of the individuals. As understood rightly, teaching is not just transmitting knowledge but, more importantly, forming and transforming young people. Ability to inspire and motivate them is demanded of every educator.


At a one - day national workshop on ‘Trends in higher education: problems and prospects’, it was pointed out that market - oriented courses have taken a lead over liberal arts and basic sciences in which there is a decline in enrolment, thus lamenting that such a trend is undesirable and dangerous to society. It is further regretted, the speakers observed, that the new trend impedes holistic growth of students who are lured by - 2 - - 3 - high pay slabs. Such a situation has created a panic as one wonders where higher education will lead us to.


We are convinced that all the teachers and parents have a major role to play and need to make synergistic efforts to consolidate the educational system with only one motive, namely, to seek satyam, shivam and sundaram.


St. Xavier's, all along its journey, has striven towards excellence with the collaboration of all the concerned, namely faculty, non- teaching staff, parents, students and well- wishers, to each one of whom we convey our sincere and profound appreciation with an ardent hope that they will ever continue to support and stand by the institution which they cherish so much.


Keeping in line with our mission and vision, St. Xavier's will never ever fail to share learning with humanity for a very human cause to transform citizens as:

“Tall people, sun crowned

People whom lust of office does not kill

People whom the spoils of offices cannot buy

People who possess opinions and a will

People who have honour and will not lie

But who will live above the fog In public duty and private thought.”


As we are on the threshold of the Golden Jubilee of our much revered institution, in all humility, I say, “For all that has been, 'thanks'. To all that will be, 'Yes'.”


Wishing one and all a fruitful academic - jubilee year 2012-2013.

Our Achievers

Sawant Rajeshwari

Represented India at the BRICS Summit Russia

Antao Netwin

Represented Goa at  Republic Day NSS camp January 2016

Shinde Riha

Represented Goa at  Republic Day NSS camp January 2016

Lakshmanan G.

Mr. Xavier 2016-17

Rochelle Anne Fernandes

Ms. Xavier 2016-17
Goa University Rankers (April 2016)

  • Mandrekar Sonal Prakash
    Rank 2(B.Sc)

  • D'Souza Clea Theodora
    Rank 3(B.A.)

  • Raikar Shruti Dayanand
    Rank 4(B.Sc.)

  • Verlekar Mamata Deepak
    Rank 6(B.A.)

  • Noronha Jessica Sena
    Rank 6(B.Com)

  • Mandrekar Prajyot Prakash
    Rank 8(B.Com)

  • Shetye Prasad Nilkanth
    Rank 8(B.Sc)

  • Shaikh Sajid Shakil
    Rank 10(B.Sc)

  • D'Costa Melissa Pia
    Rank 10(B.Sc)